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CarolinE Hendricks

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Caroline Hendricks is originally from Omaha, Nebraska and currently resides in Chicago. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from The Theatre School at DePaul University with a BFA in Acting and Minor in Digital Cinema in June 2018. Through her studies in Acting, Caroline gained experience in movement, voice, and improv. Additionally, her Minor in Digital Cinema provided her with skills in screenwriting, editing, and producing. In every scene, Caroline aims to share her infectious joy, humor, and compassion. 

Since graduating, Caroline has kept busy with commercial work and performed in the Jeff Award Nominated, Chicago Premier of Hooded, Or Being Black for Dummies as Clementine.  

She is currently signed to Stewart Talent for Theatre, Commercial, Film/TV, and Print.

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Hooded, or Being Black for Dummies*    Clementine              Mikael Burke                             First Floor Theater, The Den

Junie B. Jones is Not a Crook                   Junie B. Jones         Krissy Vanderwarker                  DePaul, The Theatre School

Life Sucks                                                     Sonia                        Keira Fromm                             DePaul, The Theatre School

A Midsummer Night’s Dream                    Bottom                    Mikael Burke                              DePaul, The Theatre School

Fairytale Lives of Russian Girls                   Baba Yaga              Erin Kraft                                     DePaul, The Theatre School

Hedda Gabler                                             Miss Tesman           Mikael Burke                              DePaul, The Theatre School

Romeo and Juliet                                       Peter                        Cameron Knight                        DePaul, The Theatre School

Experiment With an Air Pump                   Isobel                      Ian Frank                                     DePaul, The Theatre School

Kingdom City                                              Katie Merkle           Michael Osinski                          DePaul, The Theatre School

Other Desert Cities                                    Polly Wyeth             Krissy Vanderwarker                  DePaul, The Theatre School

You Can’t Take It With You                        Grandma                 Michael Harrelson                     The Rose Theater

Fifteen                                                         Six/Dancer              Vincent Carlson-Brown             Omaha Community Playhouse

*Jeff Award Nominated



Stove Top Stuffing                                                                        Print                                             ICF Next

Walmart                                                                                         Principal                                      The Ruckus

Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr.                                                                         Principal                                      Havas Chicago

ACGME Distance Learning                                                         Supporting                                  Amy Fenton, ACGME

Soul Searching                                                                              Principal                                      Kris Miranda, Independent

“She’s Gonna Leave You” (Music Video)                                    Supporting                                  Kristina Pedersen, Independent

High Fives                                                                                      Featured Dancer                        Flightless Bird Productions

The Most Important Thing                                                           Featured                                     The Second City Film School

12:45                                                                                               Principal                                      Deen Rosenberg, Darkside Productions

You.topia                                                                                        Principal                                      DePaul Student Film



Lighting Electrician (Job)                                                                                                                  DePaul, The Theatre School             

Studio Production Coordinator (Job)                                                                                              DePaul, The Theatre School



--Voice: Mezzo-Soprano Belt

--BFA Acting, The Theatre School at DePaul University (2018) 

Acting: Dexter Bullard, Jane Brody, John Jenkins, Kymberly Mellen, Nicole Ricciardi, Damon Kiely, Adrianne Cury, Rob Adler

Improv: Dexter Bullard, Noah Gregoropoulos

Meisner: Sommer Austin, Andrew Gallant

Shakespeare: Cameron Knight

Voice: Claudia Anderson, Trudie Kessler, Phyllis Griffin, Phil Timberlake, Mark Elliott

Movement: Camille Litalien, Patrice Engleston, Kristina Fluty, John Jenkins, Jeff Mills

Stage Combat: Nick Sandys

Piano Lessons (2008-2012): Sherry Lager

-The Second City Training Center, Chicago: Jessica Antes (Improv for Actors), Steve Han (Coached Ensemble)

- Acting Studio Chicago: Rachael Patterson (On Camera), Janelle Snow (Pilot Prep)


Can Read/Speak Latin, Driver’s License, Proficient in Lighting, Piano (Reads Music), Tap and Modern Dance—Intermediate, Basketball, Good Ear for Dialects (IPA Training)

Commercial Footage
DUDE Bombs
a2 Milk
Represented by  Stewart Talent Chicago
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